About - ElitPay Zambia

ElitPay Zambia Limited is a fast growing online registered micro lending company committed to providing short-term financial services to employees covered under the ElitPay loan package and individuals in employment working for either the public or private sector. We operate purely online through our website and enable our clients to apply and get instant loans within a day. We serve our clients with the ElitPay Loan Package, Salary Advance Loan, and Micro Personal Loan (Collateral based) all with flexible payment terms, and competitive interest rates to match our client’s exact budget.

How It Works?

01.Apply Now

You can apply by using the Loan calculator to assess your eligibility and upload all required documents depending on the loan type selected.

02.Sign Contract

If your application is approved, you will be required to sign a loan agreement and any other legal documents were necessary.


After the loan application is approved, we disburse the loan in real-time through:
1. Your Bank Account
2. E-wallet Services
3. Mobile Money