Micro Personal Loan

This loan is designed for individuals who intend to get a salary advance loan of more than 50% of their debt servicing capacity. The customer should be in employment and have collateral (Car) to put up.

Our Micro Personal Loan is a fast and easy way to get cash using your asset instead of your credit score. We determine the size of your loan by the amount of cash you need, your vehicle’s value, and your ability to repay. Our focus is on getting you as much cash as possible, while keeping your payments manageable.

This product is offered for a maximum repayment period of 3 months. The Customers are given Micro-Personal loan amount of more than 50% of their Net Pay based on 30% of the Asset Value pledged.

Product Description/Features

  • Collateral based loan 
  • The applicant must be in employment


  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Flexible repayment period 
  • Fast, simple and convenient 

To apply for a Micro Personal Loan you’re required to submit the following in your application:

Identification (Copy of National Registration Card)

Proof of income (1 month latest Payslip)

Proof of Asset Ownership (White book original copy)